Sometimes the credits reach a significant amount, to the point of stifling the finances of a household. With home loans and other ongoing repayments the family budget may experience a severe deficit. Faced with these problems, the 20-year credit buy-out promises to be an effective long-term solution.


What does a 20-year credit buyback include?


A 20-year consumer credit buyback includes all outstanding debts. This combination of liabilities includes different types of receivables. There is real estate credit for those who are still paying their house. Then, the offer also includes consumption credits.

These loans granted by the bank, for various expenses, without request for justification, are cumulative. The set of multiple consumption credits can become important. Then, the duration of their reimbursement does not exceed 7 years. However, when they are grouped, their payment spans two decades.


The conditions for a consolidation of credits 240 months

consolidation of credits

All profiles are practically eligible for a 20-year credit redemption. The offer is aimed at owners, employees and retirees with adequate financial resources. In general, the maximum amount of a monthly payment follows the quota rule.

The debts of a natural person should not exceed one third of his income. With regard to the different credits, the mortgage loan should normally remain below 60% of the repurchase of credit.

To take advantage of this financial offer The 20-year credit buy-back is a financial boon for families with a high debt ratio. This offer has the particularity of being able to include up to 59% of mortgage loan in the course of repayment. This is an alternative to classic offers whose maximum duration is 7 years. The APR rate is between 1.60% and 1.80%.

The amount of the contract easily exceeds 150,000 euros. The monthly payment for this sum is about 780 euros with credit insurance amounting to 45 euros.