2022 Dean’s Performance Award Winners Announced

The annual Dean’s Achievement Awards honor employees whose work helps the UNC School of Medicine achieve its vision of becoming the nation’s leading public medical school. The 2022 recipients are Margaret Waltz, PhD, Kristine Barnette, Pam Morrison, Janice McKoy, Martha O. Modlin, Colette Harley, and Dawn Morriston, MPH.

The annual Dean’s Achievement Awards honor employees whose work helps the UNC School of Medicine achieve its vision of becoming the nation’s leading public medical school.

The awards cover six categories aligned with the School of Medicine curriculum Moving forward together strategic plan: research, service, education, faculty, diversity and administrative infrastructure. This year, 44 nominees were considered for their extraordinary efforts and the winners were announced at the 2022 Annual Medical School Staff Summit.


Department of Social Medicine Research Associate Margaret Waltz, PhD

Margaret Waltz, Ph.D.

Waltz has developed and implemented several innovative methodologies with the goal of applying research findings to improve patient care and the training of medical trainees. First, Waltz created a method using audio recordings to analyze patient-provider communication during pediatric genetics and neurology appointments in North Carolina clinics. This new research will contribute to the body of literature on patient engagement and patient-centered care and will result in improved clinical care.

Second, Waltz was instrumental in creating a Standardized Observed Clinical Examination (OSCE) to assess the ethical principles of the ACGME Pediatric Professionalism Milestones, which she published in MedEd Portal. The ECOS includes four ethically challenging vignettes based on real cases and has been tested with UNC residents and standardized patients. It provides a structured method for assessing milestones of professionalism and a forum for discussing the resolution of ethical issues.

Waltz also recently became the first leader of the Hospital Ethics Committee (HEC) Research Task Force. In this role, she developed a method to use clinical ethics consultation data for research purposes to advance ethical patient care while educating HEC medical student members in the conduct of research.


Kristine Barnette

Department of Health Sciences Clinical Laboratory Science Student Laboratory Manager Kristine Barnette

Barnette’s responsibilities are to ensure that all lab exercises run as planned. She tests, troubleshoots and makes changes as needed. She provides instructional assistance by answering questions, reviewing results for accuracy, demonstrating procedures, providing instructional guidance, and resolving issues with samples or equipment during teaching time.

Barnette’s role is crucial to the education and success of CLS students. She interacts with students in each lab class and provides one-on-one instruction that allows students to correct their mistakes and develop their skills.

She combined her expertise of CLS practice with her knowledge of instructional design to create a program to help students identify peripheral blood cells. This interactive module provides a cell library with a minimum of 24 images per cell type, all taken with the division’s microscope camera. The module also includes helpful cell descriptions, interactive slides that recreate staining problems, and a 100-cell differential with instant feedback.


Department of Health Sciences Administrative Support Specialist Pamela Morrison

Pamela Morrison

Morrison makes significant contributions to his community through his time, actions, talents and dedication. Every year since her arrival, she has spearheaded her department’s SECC campaign and successfully created fun and interactive activities to facilitate faculty donations. These activities included ice cream socials, silent auctions, a bowling night, and the unit’s most popular event, the annual AHS Chili Cookoff. Each of these events has been successful in generating departmental donations and, importantly, creating additional opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to engage. Since arriving in 2013, she has also participated as an active volunteer in the Carolina Blood Drive every year.

Morrison also extends his community spirit outside of work. For her community, Alamance County, she works diligently with the elderly population. She regularly visits targeted homes to provide much-needed social engagement to homebound seniors and, in many cases, provide and share a meal and organize household chores. She is also active with other needy families in her community and assists the local school system in its efforts to obtain donations in the form of school supplies not only for teachers and classrooms, but also for the most needy students. .


Janice Mc Koy

Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Pulmonary Biology Executive Assistant Janice McKoy

McKoy worked with innate passion and commitment to develop and implement a plan for the Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Lung Biology (CEMALB) to achieve the goal to break down the barriers that prevent equity and inclusion in the work environment.

She created the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement on the unit’s website and, in addition to continuing her administrative responsibilities, is also the DEI Officer for CEMALB.

Actions that exemplify its commitment to improving diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace include bi-weekly meetings with investigators, staff and interns, as well as panel discussions to discuss topics and important experiences, as well as creating a learning environment for herself. and others to explore barriers and solutions in academic research and other spaces.


School of Medicine Director of Business Operations Martha O. Modlin, MBA
Colette Harley School of Medicine Parking Administrator

colette harley
Martha O. Modlin, MBA

Parking is an important feature of daily life for faculty and staff at UNC School of Medicine. In 2021, for the first time, SOM centralized parking in the Dean’s office, with Modlin managing the work. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Modlin dove in and did what was necessary to optimize the process. An important first step was to recruit and hire a parking administrator for the SOM, Colette Harley.

During the 21-22 academic year, Modlin and Harley worked intensively to learn more about critical issues from past and present states and to facilitate the creation of the first-ever SOM guidelines to standardize and maximize parking for the lowest assignments. most efficient and equitable for all departments. . This team of staff worked diligently with a diverse group of volunteers from across SOM to incorporate ideas that would honor those who serve as leaders and the dedication of long-serving faculty and staff – all in their work on behalf of of the three SOM missions.

Modlin and Harley’s careful preparation of a document to guide the work and slide decks to present the work led to successful approval by the SOM Space Optimization Committee and Academic Board.


Department of Family Medicine Associate Director of Educational Programs Dawn Morriston, MPH

The School of Medicine attracts talented junior faculty who must learn to thrive in the complex environment of an academic health center. Early faculty training enhances professional development, promotes well-being, and improves retention. Morriston understands this and designed UNC’s Leadership in Academic Medicine Program (LAMP), which launched in 2021.

Dawn Morriston, MPH

This one-year program includes six bi-weekly didactic sessions and six meetings in which junior teachers are matched with a mentor who guides them through the creation of an individual professional plan.

Morriston is an entrepreneur and uses her experience in faculty development to bring together nationally recognized speakers to address topics such as emotional intelligence, turning clinical work into scholarship, conflict management, leadership, giving and receiving commentary, introductions and self-awareness, all taught in a culturally competent way.

Beyond LAMP, Morriston directs the Department of Family Medicine’s nationally recognized Faculty Development Fellowship, which recruits up to 21 entry-level to mid-career family medicine school physicians from across the country. For the past 40 years, physicians from across the country have participated in a year-long blended learning experience that includes in-person sessions, online modules, forums and group projects. These provide faculty with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to become champions of primary care and leaders in practice transformation, especially in North Carolina’s medically underserved communities.

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