Firefighter injured in east Indianapolis fire station assault

The IFD said a firefighter was taken to hospital with minor injuries. He was later released to resume his 24-hour shift at the fire station.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Fire Department arrested a man with a knife who attacked them after chasing a woman at an East Side fire station on Saturday.

Around 1 p.m., a firefighter was backing his fire engine into a bay at IFD Station 11, located at 1715 E. Washington Street near Southeastern and South State Avenues, when a woman drove past the vehicle and entered the station .

According to the IFD, the woman was in “obvious distress” and shouted that a man was chasing her. It was then that the firefighter got out of his vehicle and saw a man running towards the station.

The firefighter walked ahead of the man and told him to stop, but the man became aggressive and pushed the firefighter into the vehicle, injuring him.

The engine crew, who had been in the galley cleaning up after lunch, heard the racket in the bay and went to see what was happening.

They found the man holding the woman with a clearly visible knife in his hand.

The crew called the police for help, but when the man saw the firefighters he turned his attention to them and, according to the crew, became physically and verbally aggressive towards them.

The IFD said the crew, fearing for their own safety, used “appropriate measures” to disarm and detain the man until police arrived. The IFD did not specify how the crew arrested the man.

When he was subdued, firefighters examined him for any injuries and the IMPD took him into custody. The man was also taken to Eskenazi Hospital for examination.

The IFD said the woman was unharmed and the firefighter who initially saw the man was taken to Methodist Hospital. He was released with minor injuries and sent home for the remainder of his 24-hour shift. None of the other firefighters were injured.

Lillian L. Pena