Fundraising to Modernize Hospital Equipment Surpasses Goal of Over $ 38,000 – Revelstoke Review

A fundraiser to modernize the x-ray machine at Queen Victoria Hospital that ended on Tuesday, November 30, exceeded its original goal and highlighted the generous nature of the community of Revelstoke.

The fundraiser for the Carestream DRX-1, the x-ray machine upgrade modification, began on November 27 and raised $ 5,190 on the first day. As of Monday, the running total was $ 12,540. On “Tuesday I Give,” the total jumped to $ 53,520 due to a number of generous donations from local businesses and organizations.

Donations of $ 10,000 were received from Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation, Stella Jones Canada Ltd and Downie Timber Ltd./Selkirk and Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.

Originally, the District Health Foundation set a goal of $ 15,000 to be raised by the end of December.

The foundation solicited a number of awards from local businesses for those who donated, including the Rotary Club of Revelstoke which donated $ 1,000, and Grizzly Auto Repairs which donated a raffle prizes and a cash donation before fundraising begins.

“We sincerely thank the many individuals and families who have donated so generously and quickly,” the foundation said in a press release. “We are really touched by your support and your confidence in the project. “

According to the District Health Foundation, current technology is being replaced to further reduce the radiation dose and deliver better quality images in less time, allowing radiology technologists to spend more time with patients.

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Lillian L. Pena