Hospital equipment and drug distribution for the healthcare industry


Backed by qualified technical staff with access to a wide range of spare parts and a dedication to research and development (R&D), Cherubino provides technically innovative and advanced medical devices, solutions and equipment to help patients find their way back. a healthy lifestyle.

The company is committed to providing the latest therapeutically effective products, using its vast experience to increase its offering of laboratory and test products for numerous scientific manufacturing facilities in Malta.

Distribution and supply of drugs for the public and private health sectors

Cherubino’s national drug distribution network serves the private health sector in Malta, while meeting the pharmaceutical and health needs of the Ministry of Health. In addition, the company offers a search service for drugs not available in Malta on an individual basis.

The company aims to be the leading distributor of the local health sector in Malta, providing reliable and innovative service to managers and patients.

High quality equipment compliant with EU pharmaceutical regulations

Housing its own regulatory team with fully qualified pharmacists, Cherubino ensures that its products comply with local and European healthcare industry guidelines, laws and regulations. In addition, the team also assists partners in the pharmaceutical sector with regulatory assistance while doing business in Malta.

The company’s strict compliance with regulations, combined with its active engagement in the private and public healthcare markets, has allowed Cherubino to be known as a trusted and proactive company with high quality, safe, products. reliable and using the latest technology.

In addition to its products, the installation of Cherubino is in line with modern trends. Located a few meters from Mater Dei Hospital, it is built to high standards to ensure safe and efficient storage of products. Its dedicated premises include cold rooms and a preconditioning and logistics system, both in full compliance with good distribution practices (BPD).

About Cherubino

Founded in 1906, Cherubino has grown and gone from being an importer of dyes and chemicals for the photographic and silk industry to that of a distributor of medical equipment for the hospital and pharmaceutical industry.

Working closely with a number of leading multinational enterprises, the company has become a specialist in the import, promotion and distribution of hospital and pharmaceutical equipment, as well as laboratory and medical equipment. dental products.

Cherubino encourages a proactive approach to the market, adapting quickly to changes to grow and build on its success.


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