Seagrove Ward’s winning entry from the island coast

20 different departments and teams at St Mary’s Hospital competed against each other in hopes of being crowned champions of this year’s Christmas tree competition, while also providing decorative pieces for staff and visitors.

The beautifully decorated trees were on display at the hospital’s Full Circle restaurant today (Monday), where they will remain throughout Christmas time. This is the first year that a tree competition has been organized and has brought together all the festive applications in one place.

Bestival Curator Rob Da Bank visited the hospital this afternoon to judge the nominations alongside Louise Timoney, 17, currently hospitalized in the children’s ward and Mike Carr, a member of the Patient Council of the IW NHS Trust.

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Seagrove Ward in Sevenacres received first place for its ‘Life is a Beach Tree’, which was made from objects found around the coast of the island over the past 3 months. Becky Whitewood, the staff and the patients were all involved in its creation and are taking a big basket.

Department of Education’s Virtual Tree Modeling Challenge Video Won Second Place (video to follow), with the hospital cleaning service taking third place with their decorated tree.

Left to right: Louise Timoney, Rob Da Bank and Mike Carr with the winning tree

Lillian L. Pena

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