Laird Hospital Equipment Auction – The Gilmer Mirror

KILGORE – The contents of the former Roy H. Laird Memorial Hospital are on sale to the public.

Available items must be auctioned off and are listed at,tx.

Patricia White, project manager in the city’s public works department, manages the auction. “Everything is not listed yet,” she said Thursday. “We’re always adding products for sale, but we want locals who might be interested in these products to know that. “

All items will be sold by lot number; these lots will often consist of several items. For example, lot 2936059 will contain 23 sinks with fittings. All prizes will include a reserve price.

White said the auction will end “before Christmas” and all items will need to be picked up during the week between Christmas and December 30. “Asbestos removal will start in January and everything will have to be taken out before that date. “

Even the lighting poles and exterior stone columns will be available, she noted. “One way or another, everything has to go. A large part of the kitchen equipment will be recovered for reuse in the concession stands of the youth sports facilities and the municipal swimming pool.

The hospital building, with the exception of the emergency room annex, will be razed to make way for a new facility to house the nursing education program. For more information, contact White at [email protected]

Lillian L. Pena