Major Houston Healthcare Facilities Form Study To Determine How To Stop Seizures In Children Faster

HOUSTON – Investigate the best way to administer the antiepileptic drug, midazolam, so that fewer children come to the emergency room with an ongoing seizure: Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston Fire Department Emergency Services, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and UT Health are forming a study called PediDOSE to determine the best way to stop them.

All major healthcare facilities in Houston have seen such a trend with children going to the ER still in crisis, that they are now re-evaluating how the drug is administered. Dr Manish Shah, a pediatric emergency physician at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital, said they were going to change the way the drug is given in ambulances.

“Instead of saying it’s okay to give it intravenously or it’s okay to give it some other way, we’re saying give it only as a muscle injection or as a spray. intranasally,” explained Dr. Shah.

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In addition, they will have a more standardized dosage depending on the age of the child.

Dr Shah said previous calculations were much more complicated and that a third of children arriving in the emergency room continued to seize, most likely, Shah said, because they were underdosed.

In order to change this model, researchers will need to study patient information in the midst of an emergency, which does not require consent to be enrolled. So, they would like to hear from their parents now.

If your child has a seizure, when do you know how to call an ambulance?

Dr Shah said there are three ways to know if you should call an ambulance while a child is having a seizure:

  1. If they’re not breathing. Shah said to lift their shirt and check if their chest rises and falls.

  2. If their lips are blue.

  3. If the seizure lasts more than five minutes. Although each time your child has a seizure, it feels like it lasts forever. So, Dr. Shah suggests taking a video so the doctor can see what it looks like and you know in real time how long it lasts.

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Lillian L. Pena