Police are looking for a man in connection with an unprovoked murder on the subway

“The MTA video obtained from the Canal Street station provides our detectives with important information and footage of a potential suspect,” Chief Jason Wilcox, chief of the police department’s transit office, told members Monday. of the agency’s board of directors.

But the city has struggled to adapt camera systems to individual cars, given the challenges of using modern mobile technology in tunnels and stations.

“It’s a physical challenge to get them deep into this system. It’s been difficult to get radios working properly,” said Joseph Fox, who retired as the police department’s transit bureau chief in 2018. “It’s a tough environment. It’s deep underground.

On Sunday, there were no police on the train where the shooting occurred, police officials said. They had gone to the station earlier in the morning but had answered a call at another station.

Police were summoned by another passenger’s 911 call while the car was still on the bridge. When the train doors opened onto the Canal Street platform, the shooter fled just as officers descended into the station. The suspect gave the weapon to a homeless man outside the train station as he was leaving, the two law enforcement officials said. A 9mm handgun was later recovered by police from nearby scaffolding.

Mr. Enriquez was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he died.

Mr. Enriquez, 48, a New York native who went to brunch, rarely traveled on the subway, first because of the pandemic and later because of concerns about the safety of the system, said his partner from longtime, Adam Pollack. He was one of many New Yorkers to have avoided the system since March 2020, both for remote work and safety reasons: ridership is only about 60% higher than before the pandemic.

A researcher at investment bank Goldman Sachs, Mr. Enriquez often preferred to take Ubers to Manhattan from his home in Park Slope, Mr. Pollack said. He had only recently started taking the train at weekends because surge prices were so high, Mr Pollack said.

Lillian L. Pena