Poole Hospital wards fill with Covid amid spike in cases

Poole Hospital STAFF are ‘in tatters’ with most wards containing Covid patients and the families of those inside ‘tortured’ for their welfare.

As of Friday April 8, Poole Hospital had 128 Covid-positive patients being treated on and off Covid-designated wards due to the ‘sharp’ rise in case rates – meaning some infected patients need to remain on a ward with non-Covid patients.

The 83-year-old mother of Ashley Heath resident Carol Gibbons has been in Poole Hospital since December.

“People are oblivious to what’s going on behind the scenes, and it’s very scary,” Carol told the Echo. “People don’t know or care how traumatic it is for people like my mother trapped in these rooms.”

During a recent hospital visit, Carol discovered that a patient in her mother’s bay had Covid. After being asked why her mother or the patient had not been moved, she was told the hospital was ‘absolutely full’ and there was ‘nowhere to put’ new Covid patients.

She said: “They told me there was Covid in every bay and every service in Poole.

“I certainly don’t blame the nurses or the doctors, they are doing everything they can but they are in tatters.”

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A spokesman for Poole Hospital said they could not ‘definitely say that all wards’ have Covid patients as people are going out and moving on a daily basis. However, they said: ‘As in the rest of the country, the majority of our wards are taking in Covid patients.

Dr Alyson O’Donnell, Chief Medical Officer of Dorset University Hospitals, added: ‘Covid cases have risen sharply in the community and many of our patients who test positive for Covid when they come to our hospitals do not show no symptoms and are admitted for another reason.

“We examine daily what is best for our patients. What is not beneficial is that patients are cared for outside of the service that provides clinical expertise for their primary condition. As a result, we have reviewed national guidelines, undertaken risk assessments and changed our practice so that patients are admitted to the ward best suited to their care, whether or not they have Covid.

Bournemouth Echo: Poole Hospital ward refuses access due to Covid-19A Poole Hospital ward refusing access due to Covid-19

“Within our services, patients will be treated in bays depending on whether they are positive or negative for Covid, or if they have been in contact with a patient with Covid. We also continue to swab our patients as directed and as needed. »

For Carol, whose mother caught Covid in hospital earlier this year, fear for her mother’s safety has become “torture”.

She said: ‘Mum has become a shell of herself, to the point that I don’t recognize her. People need to know that Covid is still as prevalent as ever. I know some will say we have to live with it, but if these people had loved ones in these places, I think they would feel differently.

“I don’t want my mother to die in the hospital.”

Lillian L. Pena