Prime Minister of Tasmania – Making our healthcare system more efficient with a new approach to bedside medication management

March 21, 2022

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister of Health

Nurses, midwives and patients stand to benefit from the introduction of a new approach to bedside medication management in our main public hospitals in Tasmania.

The new approach will involve ward-based pharmacy technicians operating in wards across the state and focusing on four goals:

  • Improved speed of drug treatment;
  • Improved patient safety;
  • Reduction of drug waste; and
  • Decreased non-nursing and midwifery duties, providing the professions with more time for direct patient care.

According to current medication management processes in hospital wards, nurses and midwives are responsible for ordering, transporting and counting medications.

Going forward, the adoption of the bedside medication management approach will see each department assigned a pharmacy technician who will take on these medication management responsibilities. This will reduce the need for nurses and midwives to undertake administrative tasks associated with medications and allow our highly trained nurses and midwives to spend more time with patients and less time searching for medications.

Collectively, across the state, this will free up hundreds of hours each week for our healthcare workers to do what they do best: care for patients and their families.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government provides funds to provide additional pharmacy technicians, medicine carts, computer equipment, as well as subsidized training for pharmacy trainees.

The new system will begin to be rolled out from April 2022 and its implementation in the main public hospital departments will be finalized within six months.

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