STEM students name hospital equipment

Students interested in the medical profession at STEM Schools Highlands Ranch had the opportunity to see how a surgical robot works and participated in the naming of high-tech equipment.

UCH Health Highland Ranch Hospital has been open for two years and continues to advance technology by introducing a new robot for surgeries.

In an effort to involve the community, operating room director Dr. Adam McKew said the hospital invited STEM school students to see how the machine works and talk to surgeons and doctors. young aspiring doctors currently attending medical school.

The students not only got to see surgeons using the machines, but they also got to test their hands with the surgical instrument.

“They came in and we put them in scrubs alongside the doctors and took them into the operating room,” McKew said. “During the tour, we let the students move the robot around, let them press buttons, and look through the eyepiece where the surgeons are working.”

As surgeons chat with aspiring medical students, McKew said nursing staff at Highlands Ranch Hospital tried to recruit them to consider becoming nurses.

McKew said that while the nurse was trying, he laughed, saying the students wouldn’t get any of this.

“This group of students was pretty determined to become doctors,” he said.

For added fun, McKew said the hospital asked students to name the new robot. Some options were passed down from the student body to the school, and then the medical students made the final decision.

The robot will now be called Leonardo RO Vinci.

McKew said working with aspiring doctors is important to him because it has also helped him become a medical professional.

“It’s important to engage in these community-type events,” he said. “That’s exactly the kind of thing that has helped shape my career. The sooner we can reach out, especially in schools, to show them what we do, the better.

McKew said even at the high school level, the more first-hand experience aspiring doctors can get, the better.

The partnership with STEM has gone so well that McKew said that when Highlands Ranch brings the second robotic surgeon system, students will again be invited to participate in the naming process.

Lillian L. Pena