Three Peaks Challenge for Isle of Wight hospital equipment

TWO very special little girls inspired a charity mission to complete the Three Peaks Challenge.

A team took up the challenge earlier in September and the money raised will go to a vein finder for St Mary’s Hospital.

One has already been purchased for the Children’s Ward, in honor of three-year-old Phoebe Bradley, but it is not always possible for A&E children to access it, so another is being collected funds to stay in Children’s A&E.

The new outfit will be called Esme’s Light after another amazing little girl.

Read more about Phoebe here

When Esme was born in March 2016, she suffered a very traumatic brain injury. As a result, she now has a range of diagnoses – quadriplegic dystonic cerebral palsy, multisymptomatic vocal seizures and severe cortical visual impairment (she is recorded blind).

Due to her complex needs, Esme has free access to the children’s ward, but if she goes there by ambulance, she has no choice but to go to the A&E ward.

She has bad veins and having had a lot of bites in the past four years means they have a lot of scarring, making it difficult to get blood from her.

The vein finder in Phoebe’s name, Phoebe’s Light, did wonders in the children’s room.

Phoebe’s father, Pete, who was part of the Three Peaks team, said: “After contacting the hospital, we discussed that it might not always be possible to turn him over to A&E. thought it would be better if we could have a separate one, just to use on children admitted to A&E.

“Phoebe just celebrated her third birthday and is starting preschool at Medina House in September, which we can’t believe and never thought we would see. She’s an absolute superstar!

“The Three Peaks Challenge ended in 23 hours and 33 minutes. The team all said it was the hardest thing they’ve ever done.”

There is still time to donate money. Go to

Lillian L. Pena

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